La Forge du Morget

Stéphane Anken

Article published in Chasse et Nature


Forge lessons

Introduction to blacksmithing

1 day, 1 or 2 persons

Introduction to knife making

1 day, 1 or 2 persons

Forge a fixed blade

2 days, private  course

What's new ?

My most recent creations

Damascus traditionnal Raclette knife 

Damascus Raclette knife, two steels 5160 and 15n20.

One edge to scrape the melted cheese the other one to cut the grilled shavings.

Bolsters are textured and riveted, rivets and bolsters are made of cast sterling silver, the wood is black ebony. This very dense wood prevents the cheese fat to stain the wood

File work on the full tang.

Length 28cm, width 5.3 cm

Custom leather sheath for storage

Price around chf 750.-

New footing knives "Le Sechard" available

A small batch of Sechards is now available. Slipjoints and Piemontese systems. Damascus steels including an exceptional blade with a Campo del Cielo meteorite blended in the mix

Damascus carving knife

7/8cm , 250/300 carbon damascus blade, linseed treated burnt 12 cm ash handle.

Damascus kitchen knife Santoku style

Kitchen knife, Santoku style. xc75 steel and damascus 15n20 and xc75. For right or left handed. 16.5cm blade edge, 4.8cm wide.12cm handle. Overall 30cm

Sterling silver, black ebony and Gaiac

Folding knives "Le Séchard"

These folders come with damascus blades or carbon steel. Various wood types. All knives are hand made and unique pieces.

Length closed around 11cm, open 20cm

Silver rings from ancient Swiss francs

Jewellery is a very tempting art for who loves to work with metals hot or cold. I make silver rings from Ancien Swiss francs dating before 1968. I could use other coins but these have a beautiful floral pattern.

The diameter in mm is enough for me to know if I need to use 1 franc or 2 francs coins for the client.


Where to find me ?

The forge is located at Les Ateliers de la Côte

1163 Etoy, En Pallatex 5, Suisse

+41 (0) 79 376 57 07


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