I discovered the world and art of the forge about 20 years ago. The first goal was to create and build wood working tools for sculpture. At that time, I could not afford such tools being a student.


The solution was to make them myself. I had to build a forge, gather some tools and soon started to hammer some steel bits. The first sharp object convinced me to continue. Because this art is a real virus, my dad got the bite and makes most of the folding knives mechanisms. In the early years 2000 some English speaking and Scandinavian websites already showed a lot about knife making.

Various forums on the subject allowed me to gather knowledge and a lots of contacts, friends now for a lot of them. I will never be able to name and thank all of them here as they are so many. Some folk attach some metaphysic or philosophic strength to this art. I personally don’t as the love of craftsmanship and various skills needed defines entirely this passion to me. I hope to continue doing this for a long time and progress on this infinite and multiple learning path. I humbly present my work here to inspire everyone interested and contribute to the variety of the craft. Now 100% established as bladesmith I'm looking forward welcoming my clients at the forge.

The forge is now at "Les Ateliers de la Côte" a real opportunity to join this community and make this craft more visible and accessible to the public. This new workshop offers me the opportunity to organise forge courses and bladesmithing lessons. A step further in sharing that craft.

Enjoy and share